I love you for everything you are - cat and all - yet you love me just for my pillow. How could you, #meow? #VSCOcam #InstaSize #cat #meowrarri (at Block 43 Chai Chee Street)

Bringing my sister out on a saturday night.

malam minggu hey! Malam yang panjang. #malamminggu #sisters #InstaSize #mamalookatus (at Eunos Food Station)

Good night everyo….ohmygod dad’s home dad’s home dad’s home *runs*

Happy Siblings’ Day you rascals. Thank you for making my life a little more colourful daily. 😘😘

Average daily/nightly sibling battles. #cat #ineedmyselimut #pls (at Blk 43 Chai chee street)

One of the exhibits/decorations at the Cloud Forest Dome at Gardens By The Bay. I don’t know why people prefer the Flower Dome but I liked the Cloud Forest better - oh right because all the flowers in Flower Dome looked like they were DYING.

The weather outside was forgiving though, the sun was hiding and there were thunder warnings but no rain.

#InstaSize #nofilter #latergram (at Cloud Forest Dome At Gardens by the Bay)

My act cute shoes. #hello, #kitty. #meow

Hawker Centres behind Eunos MRT aren’t so bad!

Ok yes i took a bite of the bread because i wanted to know if it was just toasted bread or garlic bread. It was toasted bread only. Meh.

#food #vscocam #ig_sg (at Eunos Food Station)

This reminded me why i should get my Class 3 License - so i can get started on my Class 2B license. Sigh. #InstaSize #vscocam (at VeganBurg)

This @ninahakasha damn girl now hahahahahaha pls return my eyeliner thanks. Love you 😘

Skin so bad even filters can’t help. 😢 but that eyeliner though. #vscocam #selfie #work

My mum likes taking selfies too. 😒 also person at counter said i look like my mum. What. #latergram #InstaSize (at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority)